Super Anxiety-Lamplighter Bloodlines

The Korbs have been raising cattle in Jewell County, KS, since 1870. The early Hereford registration trail is a bit sketchy. However, R.J. Korb, Sandra's grandfather, registered a Hereford bull born in 1933. The actual registration is in her possession.

A 1947 sale catalog "Herefords at Auction" was recently given to Sandra. In the catalog, her father Boyd, age 25, and his brother Robert, had many registered Hereford cattle for sale, which would almost certainly indicate many more registrations by R.J. Korb. Boyd married Louise Calahan in 1943. Louise's father, Clark, had a lifetime membership in the AHA.

Boyd & Louise Korb showed cattle during the late �50s and early �60s as BK Hereford Farms. The "BK" initials in pedigrees indicate linebred animals of Super Anxiety 4th breeding. The Super Anxiety cattle trace back to the importation of Anxiety 4th 9904 in 1881 by Gudgell and Simpson. (There are reference books available on how these cattle were developed in the United States. Contact Coyote Creek for more information). Boyd later concentrated his efforts on line-breeding until his death in 1992. Sandra and Louise have continued the operation as Coyote Creek.

The cattle are selected and bred for sustainability. We are the only herd in North America that feeds absolutely NO GRAIN and still participates in whole herd reporting with the AHA. Bred heifers are placed with the mature cows for breeding, fall and winter feeding and spring calving. Yearling bulls are run, without grain, on grass. Heifers and cows are calved in the pasture at the same time on a forage based diet. Calves on their mothers receive no grain or supplementation. Weaned heifers receive no grain. With the chosen selective matings, the bloodlines are unique, in and of themselves, to the Hereford breed.

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